What is diatomaceous earth is one common question?Over the years the remains of the diatoms dried and became a part of the land. Thanks to the advent of mining the world came to know the wonders of diatomaceous earth.  It is called as DE as well. It comes in two forms. One is Fine milled powder and the other is known as rough filtrate milled powder. Which is used only in the filter system of swimming pools and it should be used for any other purpose. Diatomaceous earth has a lot of uses when it comes to food. Food quality powder is a desiccant. It is very finely milled powder that has great powers. It is also known as shell flour and earth flour. This powder is approved by the EPA and by the FDA as well. The rough filtrate powder is specific only for use in the filter system of pools as it has very large crystals in it that can be very harmful to be used daily.

Food quality uses of Diatomaceous earth:

1.      Agriculture purposes:

      diatomaceous earth is used for agricultural purposes as well. It is ideal for storing of crops and livestock. For the harvested crop it can be used in the following ways. It can be added to the grains so that it does not get infected by insects and pests. It can also be added to the milled crops like flour and wheat so that it acts as anti caking agent. The bonds of diatomaceous earth are not very strong bonds and thus prevent caking. By feeding the livestock with diatomaceous powder their overall wellbeing is maintained. It gets rid of all the intestinal parasites that may be present.

2.      Helps to control insects:

    it is by far one of the best methods to control insects. It is very safe and gives great results. The powder is made from the skeleton of microscopic creatures that were found at the sea bed. The powder acts on the shells of the insects and kills them instantly. They are killed due to dehydration and the drying property of diatomaceous earth. The best quality of this powder is that is natural and does not contain any chemicals in it. It is non poisonous as well. Since it has no toxic effects it is widely used the world over for its numerous benefits. It also helps to kill insects that are found on plants as well. All you need to do is spray it on the infected plant.

3.       Helps to manage the soil:

       since diatomaceous earth has desiccant properties it is ideal to use in agricultural areas that need to be dried. It is used in kennels where urine needs to be dried, in wet areas and even in stables. It is also fabulous to absorb bad odor and stench thus making it perfect to use in chicken coops.

4.      Health-

      DE is used to feed livestock that includes cows, pigs and horses. It improves the health of the animals. It is also used by humans as well. It flushes out the worms and the parasite that inhabit the intestine which leads to over all great health.

5.      Helps to detoxify metals:

    Diatomaceous earth helps to reduce heavy metals. It helps in detoxification as it absorbs the metals that are in the body and flushes them out.