Companies manufacturing electronic cigarettes ranging from the cheap eBay shisha pens to the higher quality specialist products like the eVod starter kit can’t complain about lack of clients lately. More and more people buy it as an alternative to the normal cigarettes, or as a complementary help for quitting smoking. Are the cigarettes effective? Many people say that they do, but there are also people claiming that there is no actual benefit of the electronic smoking devices.

What is the risk?

Generally, people are thrilled when they start using the cigarette. They might try to quit the normal cigarettes from the start, and to stick only with the electric device, but eventually, they will discover that this is harder than expected. This is why they will start using the normal cigarette, but in smaller percentages. A heavy smoker of 20 cigarettes a day will be able to reduce this number to 10 cigarettes every day. The rest will be compensated with the electronic cigarette.

It is the key moment that decides the success of the treatment. Is the patient strong enough to resist the temptation to quit the e cigarette? if the initial approach is bad, the attempt will fail, but if the smoker has a good plan in his mind, he will be able to quit normal smoking for good, and then, to quit the electronic cigarette also.

1. Don’t force your will

When a heavy smoker buys the electronic cigarette for the first time, he or she will think about the numerous benefits of it. However, setting goals that are too ambitious might not be the best idea to succeed. If you decide to quit the normal cigarettes for good, you might end up smoking those. This is why you need to set realistic goals.

Try to renounce the “non-essential” smokes and to replace those with the e cigarettes.  The non-essential cigarettes are those that we smoke only because we can. A smoker needs to smoke at a coffee, after dinner, or before bedtime. In the rest of time, it is just a reflex to kill time. Those cigarettes that you smoke only to eliminate boredom can be replaced with e-cigarettes.

2. Make sure that you are supplied

Just when you are about to leave for an important trip, you discover that you are out of e liquid. In this case, you will take it as a divine sign that it is not time to quit smoking, and that the electronic cigarette is not good after all. If you are supplied all the time, and you buy your consumables in time (filters, e liquid, atomizers and batteries), you will have the e-cigarette at your disposal all the time, and no excuse to put the normal cigarette in your mouth.

3. Long term

Quitting normal smokes and replacing those with e-cigarettes s not a simple matter. Many people would want to do that, but it is simply too hard. Set your goals on weeks, even months. When you are able to replace all the non essential cigarettes with electronic smoking, you will be able to get to the next step, which is replacing all the tobacco cigarettes. It will be a lot easier if you already have one or two months of alternative smoking on your sheet.